Friday, 1 June 2012


So I have finally got round to doing a 'Funny Friday' post again! If you're preparing to go out tonight I'm sure this will get you in the mood, and if you're like me (spending the evening with lee mack on BBC1) this will be sure to liven up your night. 
You probably all tuned in to the chaos that is the Eurovision song contest last weekend but I did not, so I was in absolute awe when my brother showed me this video of the Russian entry! I don't think there is anyway you can watch this without it leaving a smile on your face and a flutter in your heart. I mean, who can resist tiny OAP's singing about partying? Happy Friday!


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Hannah said...

Aw yay the russian grannies! I love them with all my heart, I agree this song put a big smile on my face too!