Tuesday, 26 February 2013


Last night, something pretty damn cool went down. Walk The Moon, a four member band from Ohio came to the Thekla, in Bristol, to do a gig. I WAS THERE. 

By the time the indie pop/rock music moguls graced the eager crowd with their presence (luminous face paint, check) every fan in the building was more than ready to sing, dance, throw themselves around and generally express every last bit of emotion they had to offer. This was of course helped along by lead singer Nicholas Petricca, as he began a sensual and very physical demonstration of letting the "bad shit" go, which involved a bit of 'heart' grabbing (picture him gripping his Pecs with full force!), a bit of swirling of the arms and a climax; every single person throwing their hands to the ceiling and wiggling their fingers ferociously. All this, to ensure that the crowd, for at least one hour, could feel free and happy. Don't get a therapist; Walk The Moon will do the same job for less money.

As the set progressed, the atmosphere kept building in intensity and wildness. However none of this stopped the crowd from entering a trance like state when the band played their ballad, 'Iscariot'. I am yet to work out the true meaning of this song, for it is not a typical slow long about romantic affairs. The song speaks of a 'friend' and 'brother' often, as well as mentioning death, trust, and the fate we create for ourselves. It was this song which really gave Nick the chance to shine vocally. The mellow music allowed his voice to echo around the venue like a religious chant, and his remarkable talent became impossible to ignore. It's also imperative not to ignore the talent of every other member of the band, all capable of playing instruments other than their chosen ones, and all with valuable singing skills which create harmonious and enchanting backing vocals. Watching Nicholas and Kevin move from vocals, to keyboard, to guitar, to bass, to drums, to the tambourine was a humbling experience, and one that would be sure to make you quite envious of the musical talent these boys possess.

The rest of the set was a frenzy of head bopping, jumping, clapping and dancing, with bassist Kevin bringing arguably the most energy to the stage with his undeniably sexual thrusting, tongue sticking out and leopard print leggings. At one point, the crowd were offered the microphone and sang an entire verse by themselves, surprisingly in tune as well. The band's faces lit up in awe at this moment, and it became apparent how happy they truly were to be with us, on a boat, sharing their music. If their happiness could not infect you simply from listening to the album, I'd tell you to watch their YouTube videos, and if you were still at a loss I'd prescribe attending a Walk The Moon gig immediately. I do not believe even the most angst-full of teenagers could resist this bands live energy.

Credit must also be given to the two support acts who kept the crowd entertained for almost two hours; The Rubens and another band who I honestly have no idea who they were (I think they were called MD but I can't find a website, YouTube or twitter page for them) but if I find out I'll let you know because they had hair similar to a tumblr girls', moustaches that would put Brendan Brady to shame and chest hair that could rival King Kong. Their edgy rock got the crowd going and injected some well needed 'cool' into my dull student life.

Despite not being able to stay to meet the band *sob* Walk The Moon, their support acts and the Thekla put on an incredible night that I don't think anyone wanted to end. I would describe Walk The Moon as happiness personified and I hope to God (being the atheist I am) that it is not long before the boys come back to the UK for another reviving night of perfection.

Friday, 22 February 2013


Happy Friday!

Hi guys, I hope you've all had a lovely week. Just a quick heads up, blogger is being a bit of douche right now so sorry for slow posts and any technical issues arising such as the alignment of the images below. None of the pictures below are my own. Credit to Vogue.com, weheartit.com, zara.com and UO.com!

  • something 'WOW':

Moschino 2013 LFW suit and dress

  • something trendy: 

Mint and White underground creepers
available at http://www.urbanoutfitters.co.uk/underground-shoes-mint-+amp-white-creepers/invt/5319467897744/&colour=Mint

  • something timeless:
Lace blouse
Available at http://www.zara.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product/uk/en/zara-neu-S2013/358004/1050058/LACE%20BLOUSE

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Vannessa Hudgens


Sunday, 17 February 2013


LFW: Whistles
The simple elegance portrayed in every inch of a Whistles design has long been the reason behind my (with lack of physical evidence) love for the brand. I like to think that if I was a 6ft model-type-woman with a sophisticated, high-paying job (a girl can dream), Whistles would be my go-to brand for everyday wear.

The day I can finally afford to buy my first Whistles delight, the world will know about it, but for now, here's my favourites from this weeks London Fashion Week Whistles show.

The army-print trend has never sat too well with me but the camo-inspired dress below merges the trend into an arty, mellow version of the highstreet patterns. The materials and cut of the dress are enough to make the piece original and trendy whilst still retaining that notorious Whistles' air of sophistication, femininity and comfort.

One look that Whistles channel so relentlessly is straight leg trousers accompanied by silky, loose fitting shirts and forever fluffy, bulging knit pieces. Straight leg trousers are the bane of my life as a short girl, very rarely do I find a pair that fit and don't make me look even mildly ridiculous. Even sadder is the fact that my favourite trousers always tend to feature bold colours, patterns and prints which are commonly known to be unflattering to shorter women. It is for these reasons that I rely on the likes of Olivia Palermo, a style inspiring immaculately dressed woman if I ever saw one, to get my straight leg trouser kicks. Thank you Palermo for channelling my love for the design so well. And thank you Whistles for forever tempting me with your take on the classic design.

While a lot of the charm Whistles hold over the market is down to their continuity in style, they also deserve admiration for their mind-opening experiments and opinion provoking alterations seen with each new collection, this one perhaps even more noticeably so than usual.
The brand have delved into the leather trend with full force for this collection. This combined with the camo prints and that crazy harsh sunset resembling hair one of the models was sporting, are evidence to suggest that Whistles aren't afraid to take risks and embrace controversial trends.
It's their attitude to womens-wear that really captures myself more than anything. To me, with the help of previous collections, this one says that elegance, class and femininity are all valuable assets to a woman's wardrobe. However, the collection also seems to represent the idea that it is a woman's independence and unconventional wardrobe choices which will set her apart from the crowd. Leather trousers, camo-print dresses, wild hair styles and oriental silk pyjama suits are by no means designs influenced by a desire to impress those with a sexual interest or anyone else the wearer of these clothes might encounter for that matter. This collection is all about the woman and her right to dress for herself, whether she feels comfortable in the traditional thin knits and silks or wants to embrace the boy-ish leather and khaki trends. The low heels, casual hair and make-up styles and practical, versatile bags all add to the theory of the independent femininity of the modern woman. 

Friday, 15 February 2013



  • something 'WOW':

Marc Jacobs' double print pyjama style suit,  worn after his show in NY this week.
  • something trendy:

High waisted 90's Heather 550 jeans

available at http://yayer.com/collections/just-in/products/heather-550-jeans

  • something to make you smile:

  • something timeless:
Elliot nude stilletos

available at http://www.kurtgeiger.com/women/best-sellers/elliot-nude-leather-patent-41-kurt-geiger-london-shoe.html

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Alexa Chung

Monday, 11 February 2013


A super late Friday post!XO

  • something 'WOW':

Cotton blend lace top by Stella Mccartney

available at http://www.net-a-porter.com/product/332836

  • something trendy:
  • Bambam  pantha print body suit

    available at http://www.asos.com/Bambam/Bambam-Bodysuit-In-Panther-Print/Prod/pgeproduct.aspx?iid=2718007&cid=2623&sh=0&pge=0&pgesize=200&sort=-1&clr=Panther

  • something timeless:

Navy block colour stripe knit

available at http://www.oliveclothing.com/p-17772-navy-block-colour-collar-stripe-knit-jumper

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  • A style icon:
Sarah Jessica Parker


  • black Topshop fedora
  • Hot Chilli lipstick by 17
  • vintage blue and white hoops top
  • cheapy cheap shearling coat from Republic
  • Topshop blue jeans
  • H&M black boots
  • elephant print Next shoulder bag


Wednesday, 6 February 2013


Birthday blogging...

Hiya, just though I'd share some birthday snaps with y'all from today as instagramming photos from my finepix is a bit of a palaver! Today Hannah, Anna and I met early in Bath and spent about an hour and a half in Headmasters. I'm telling you, if it didn't feel like my birthday before the head massage, moisturising products and general pampering that Headmasters supply to their customers, it certainly did afterwards.

Then we headed to the Gourmet Burger Kitchen for a big lunch with lots of lovely people. I was seriously digging the funky, retro vibe that GBK possesses (felt quite fitting in my monochrome varsity jacket) and the burgers definitely met the 'gourmet' standards you'd expect from a 'gourmet burger kitchen'. Funny that.
As if having a delicious homemade carrot cake (thanks meg) brought out and having the gang sing 'happy birthday' worryingly enthusiastically wasn't enough, I also received a range of beautiful and interesting cards and gifts. 
Totally lame I know, but birthday cards are one of, if not the, best thing about birthdays in my opinion. When done properly they can make you feel really special and put a permanent smile on your face, and my friends did not disappoint today as you'll see below; I laughed A LOT. 

Of course the best part is it's not over, not even close! If my belated gifts are anything like what I've already received, I am yet to become more impressed with how well my friends know me and how much thought they're willing to put in to the gifts themselves, I was seriously overwhelmed and chuffed! Also, DUN DUN DUNNNNNN, Friday night is party night. I'm super excited to set up my cheap, plastic, insert-your-face-here Hawaiian scene and attempt to make my own cocktails and Pimms. I am also thoroughly looking forward to being able to wear something summery (it's a beach themed party by the way, I'm not seasonally confused!) as oppose to throwing on endless layers in an attempt to stay warm, sacrificing any hope of looking half 'cool'.
In short, I love my friends to pieces, BIG thank you to everyone who came out today and made my birthday such a charming little affair. 
Roll on Friday!
P.S. Ridiculous amounts of new garments and ootd's to post next week!