Wednesday, 6 February 2013


Birthday blogging...

Hiya, just though I'd share some birthday snaps with y'all from today as instagramming photos from my finepix is a bit of a palaver! Today Hannah, Anna and I met early in Bath and spent about an hour and a half in Headmasters. I'm telling you, if it didn't feel like my birthday before the head massage, moisturising products and general pampering that Headmasters supply to their customers, it certainly did afterwards.

Then we headed to the Gourmet Burger Kitchen for a big lunch with lots of lovely people. I was seriously digging the funky, retro vibe that GBK possesses (felt quite fitting in my monochrome varsity jacket) and the burgers definitely met the 'gourmet' standards you'd expect from a 'gourmet burger kitchen'. Funny that.
As if having a delicious homemade carrot cake (thanks meg) brought out and having the gang sing 'happy birthday' worryingly enthusiastically wasn't enough, I also received a range of beautiful and interesting cards and gifts. 
Totally lame I know, but birthday cards are one of, if not the, best thing about birthdays in my opinion. When done properly they can make you feel really special and put a permanent smile on your face, and my friends did not disappoint today as you'll see below; I laughed A LOT. 

Of course the best part is it's not over, not even close! If my belated gifts are anything like what I've already received, I am yet to become more impressed with how well my friends know me and how much thought they're willing to put in to the gifts themselves, I was seriously overwhelmed and chuffed! Also, DUN DUN DUNNNNNN, Friday night is party night. I'm super excited to set up my cheap, plastic, insert-your-face-here Hawaiian scene and attempt to make my own cocktails and Pimms. I am also thoroughly looking forward to being able to wear something summery (it's a beach themed party by the way, I'm not seasonally confused!) as oppose to throwing on endless layers in an attempt to stay warm, sacrificing any hope of looking half 'cool'.
In short, I love my friends to pieces, BIG thank you to everyone who came out today and made my birthday such a charming little affair. 
Roll on Friday!
P.S. Ridiculous amounts of new garments and ootd's to post next week!

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