Saturday, 31 March 2012


I love ASOS, they've been my go-to store for a while now (ever since my work experience where I worked with a supplier of theirs) and I was more than excited when I heard they were setting up an 'ASOS Marketplace', an area for labels and/or ordinary people to sell their clothes/designs and buy unique items from other members. 

It's a brilliant idea that has been up and running for a while now, so when I received the email alerting me that ASOS had chosen their top 40 new labels from their marketplace I had to have a look and search out my favourites.

Friday, 30 March 2012


I've always been one of those people who has a slight irrational fear of hats (don't laugh) and when I say a fear of hats, I guess I mean a fear of the attention that wearing one brings. However, I have always appreciated a good hat and I am definitely loving what spring/summer 2012 has to offer.
There is no denying that this post has been inspired by my favourite 90210 beach/boho character ivy (see below). I've never seen anyone pull off her style better than Gillian Zinser herself who can even seem to make a bowler hat look good....

 And she's not the only one out there finishing off an outfit with a head piece...

Okay well, maybe not the last one!
After seeing how a head accessory can either make or break (sorry Princess Beatrice) a look, here are some YES hats I found on-line however, I would not recommend buying a hat before trying it on!

 The Bowler: 

The Bargain: 

The statement piece:


Alas! Spring has arrived and I hate to tell you, but it might be time to put away those baggy jumpers and oh so comfy sweatpants and replace them with this seasons new trends. Now I know this is a hard time for fashion conscious females everywhere, a true example of the constant battles us girls face,comfort Vs style. But what if I could show you a way to enjoy the best of both this spring?

Great news for all you 'girly girls' out there! Pastels, pinks, frills, bows, you name it and spring 2012 has it! Lace shorts are something that had never even crossed my mind until this year but now they have a firm place not only in my head but also in my heart. Pictures #1 and #3 show you just how well they can fit into any outfit (who knew they could work with floaty tops AND the recent peplum trend?!) and therefore work for almost any personality. 
I'm not much of a 'girly girl' myself, a denim shirt and panelled leggings will do me fine, but these trends really have reunited me with my inner 'girly girl'. For those of you who are repulsed by the idea of lace and thrills on a pair of shorts, why not try the  trend in a more 'you' way? Never say never...
Lipsy at Next's take on the lace short trend combine pretty with punk at just £35 and create a stunning 'boy' look paired with this bargain ASOS shirt (£20)
This look would work with either flats or heels and maybe even a pair of wedge boots. 
For A casual look, try pairing the shorts with a basic tee (colour of your choice). Comfy? Yes. Trendy? I think so.
hope you're feeling inspired,