Tuesday, 30 October 2012


Hey guys, you probably feel like I'm bombarding you with Halloween posts right now...probably because I am! Any holiday that involves dressing up and eating lots of chocolate/sweets is a great holiday if you ask me, so we may as well indulge since it's only once a year right?

I hope you all found my last post at least a little helpful. Thanks to everyone who left a comment, I really love hearing your feedback and always check out your blogs so thank you. If you are still stuck for ideas, don't be afraid to ask me about it, I can't promise any expertise but I'll be more than happy to help!

So my neighbour and childhood friend Katie and I had a pretty creative, Halloween themed day. First we carved the four pumpkins. I did not trust myself with the huge knife one bit, so I was rapidly put on 'ripping out the insides' duty. The mucky bit's always the most fun though isn't it?

Then we made these Halloween cakes. I actually despise cooking/baking (and I'm terrible at it too!) so Katie did the majority of that part. Although heroically, I was on hand to locate and hand her the ingredients and tools. (That was sarcasm by the way, I can never tell if it comes across properly via the internet?)

I did however chip in with the decorating (try stopping me!) which was very amusing. In between some surprisingly friendly looking monsters and a couple of funny looking Frankensteins, we managed to make a couple of good'ns so it wasn't all a total disaster on my part.

Are you guys getting into the spirit of things this October? How have you been preparing for Halloween 2012?

p.s. Check out this AMAZING nail varnish I found on americanapparel.net, so cool!

Saturday, 27 October 2012


Get Inspired for Halloween!
Halloween is just around the corner, and although in a perfect world we'd all have amazing outfits created and ready to wear by now...I'm sure many of us do not! So what are you waiting for? Halloween is the perfect opportunity to try out trends you wouldn't dare to any other time of the year and take some wardrobe risks. Not to mention the fun that can be had when designing/creating an outfit from home!

I'm going to do a number of Halloween posts, as there's quite a few different aspects to the holiday that can create a whole lot of fun. In this post, I'm going to link you to some great fancy dress websites, include some inspiring celebrity costume photography, and some DIY ideas too.

Oh, and also, having no plans for the holiday is no excuse not to get into the spooky spirit. Take younger siblings trick or treating, host a scary movie night, or simply spend the evening carving pumpkins and eating lots of Halloween sweets! Whatever you spend Halloween 2012 doing, make sure you embrace the fun of it!

Fancy dress websites to check out:

Celeb Halloween Costumes!

So the trick is (I found) to search the internet high and low for Halloween inspiration, gather ideas, things you think are cool, images in your head or anything that just clicks with you. Then, you need to have a good old rummage through your wardrobe, with said inspiration fresh in your mind. Do you have a cute dress you could apply some fake blood to and go as a scary doll? You'd only need a teddy and some knee-high socks or tights to complete the look. Do you have a tutu that could transform you into a ballerina with the right make up? Maybe you could borrow your dad or brothers big clothes and drape them with chains for a hip-hop vibe. Think outside the box, try stuff on, find cheap accessories if they're needed, and I'm sure at this point you will at least be on the road to having a great costume!

On Halloween night, I'm dressing as an FBI agent. It's a perfect costume for me as I have so much black in my wardrobe anyway! I'm simply wearing my leather panel leggings with a black vest top and leather jacket, and tipexing 'FBI' onto the top. Add some aviators, and a toy gun supplied by my friend and voilĂ  a fancy dress costume for free! At the weekend I have a second fancy dress party to go to, but I'm in the stages of creating a second outfit now. I'm thinking gangster or creepy dolly maybe? Whichever means spending the least money I suppose-I know I'm so stingy!

Quick DIY ideas:

Propaganda Lady
  • Bandanna (preferably red)
  • Denim shirt tied above your tum
  • high waisted shorts/jeans

Creepy Dolly
(for image see Rochelle, The Saturdays, above)
  • Cute/girly dress with or without a white shirt underneath
  • an accessory such as a teddy or picnic basket
  • creepy make up and/or fake blood
  • tie your hair in plaits

Bond/Bond Girl

  • your fanciest dress (preferably black)
  • heels
  • lots of fancy jewellery
  • red lippy
for boys:
  • your smartest suit 
  • a slick hairstyle


  • all black clothes
  • draw on whiskers and a nose with eye-liner or face paint

Nicki Minaj

  • Pink wig
  • white vest top
  • denim shorts
  • yellow/green underwear poking out
  • pink shoes (although not all of these things are completely necessary to complete the look!)

Friday, 26 October 2012


Weekly Round Up Part 2
 The News
1) Charlotte Free's music career

 Charlotte Free is a model with an impressive CV to say the least. She recently became one of ASOS' Christmas campaign stars alongside Azealia Banks and Ellie Goulding, She's the current face of Maybelline and  she opened Vivienne Westwood's AW11/12 Red Label show.
Now the Model is all set to embrace the music world:
"I've been making electronic music in my head for as long as I can remember," says Charlotte, "I'm not ever going to function in a real job, I've always known that."
Keep your eyes (should I say ears?) peeled.

2) Matthew Williamson 

The famous designer has made a short film about himself to celebrate fifteen years in the industry. Although put like that it sounds almost self absorbed, the main attitude surrounding the film seems to be about believing in oneself and persevering with ones dreams.
When asked what he might tell his fifteen year old self now, Williamson responded with this, 
"Confidence and belief in yourself and your vision is absolutely paramount. The fashion industry is tough - be prepared to take advice and criticism along the way, but have unwavering belief in your vision,"
The video will be launched online at Net-A-Porter next week.

3) Jessica Biel ties the knot with Justin Timberlake in Valli

*sob* Justin Timberlake is officially off the market! However, I think I can forgive Jessica Biel for her part to play in this, simply because of the gorgeous gown she wore for the occasion. Apparently the designer and the bride have always been friends and supported each others' work.
"I could not be more proud that she walked down the aisle in Italy, my own country, wearing Giambattista Valli," said the designer.
Can I get an "Aw"?

I'm going to leave it there today folks, as I feel three is probably the best number of stories to cover. However I'd be interested to know if you'd prefer 3 stories every week, 3 fortnightly, or 5 fortnightly? Please leave a comment and get back to me, I love hearing your suggestions and criticisms! 


Weekly Round Up Part 1
Once a fortnight I do a round up of the week in fashion, so here's this weeks image inspiration.

Sunday, 21 October 2012


Hi everyone:-)
Sorry for the lack of posts this weekend, I've been quite busy! I babysat on Friday from 5-7, then went to a party (I would show you my outfit but I literally chose it five minutes before I went and it's not particularly worth showing!). Saturday I spent recovering (aka catching up on homeland in bed) until the evening when I was babysitting again. The only exciting thing about that was that I saw a shooting star whilst walking home at 2am. Are you supposed to wish on shooting stars? Because if you are then I forgot, but to be fair I was sort of walk/jogging as walking on your own at that time is a little scary and wasn't really thinking about wishes, stars etc. It was a really beautiful night though!
Enough of my top notch astrology though, here's a few photos from my weekend, including two outfits I wore and some very awkward, lame poses (sorry).

outfit 1

outfit 2

Spent today doing English homework/my new moisturiser (review to come)

this evenings activities

My brother's recording equipment came! Very much looking forward to sneaking myself a go with it!