Saturday, 21 July 2012


So last night I tried out this stuff:



It sure looks (and smells; I haven't stopped smelling my hair since using it!) fancy, but then so do a lot of products that claim to do miraculous things and I'm sure you don't need me to tell you that more often than not these miracles don't occur as you'd have hoped. The instructions told me to use 1 pump, but I have a lot of hair and needed to use 2-3. You can see the improvement from these pictures. It looks like it worked pretty damn well and it feels even better! My hair would not normally go a day without ferociously knotting itself but I can still run my fingers through it effortlessly. It feels as good as when I've just come out of the salon. A great product for when your hair needs some TLC and a little more than your ordinary conditioner. My split ends can now wait until after my holiday to be chopped off! On top of that, I no longer have to worry about the damage to my locks caused by the heat, sun and water that will attack it over the next two weeks, beautiful!

Oh and also, as promised here are the snaps I took while dip-dying my old denim shirt. I really like the way it turned out! What do you think?

How to dip-dye (no instructions style)
I'm not a big fan of following instructions at all, It just takes the fun out of the activity! So when it came to dip-dying I sort of just 'went for it'. The basic rules however are:
1) Get 500ml-ish of warm water and stir in the dye until dissolved

2) Poor the now liquid-dye into a bowl/bucket with lots of water in (6 litres is recommended) and add 5 tablespoons of salt (bare in mind how much water you use will affect the concentration of the dye)

3) Put your item of clothing into the water and hold/leave for as long as you like (I left it for about an hour)

4) Repeat with next colour (if using more than 1 like me)

Just bare in mind that the dye will travel up further than the point at which the item is not actually in the dye. I used Dylon powder pink and French lavender dye for my shirt. You can purchase them along with many other colours very cheaply on Amazon but I got mine from my local fabric/design-tech style shop.
Happy Dip-Dying!


Hello, hello, hello! After taking a much too long break from blogging recently, I return with lots to show/discuss! Firstly, If you follow me on twitter you should be well aware of the fact that I'm going on holiday in a few days (and also aware of how excited I am!). Two weeks in Corfu calls for a lot of things; painful waxes, the dreaded bikini shop and the finding (and then keeping) of body confidence amongst other things! However, it is also a wonderful excuse to expand the old wardrobe and it is this element of 'holiday spirit' I have been indulging in over the past week. Living in the wet and cold country that is England, any holiday worthy clothes I owned were at least a year old. Luckily, I still love a lot of the summery clothes I've bought over the past few years, but I could not deny the fact that if I was going to truly enjoy the holiday, I had to update my wardrobe with a few new garments. (Yes I probably care too much about clothes for my own good!)

So without further-a-do, here are the four main things I picked up worthy of showing you guys. I am more than happy with my wardrobe situation now, not to mention the fact I'm ridiculously excited to get to wear these items in such a sunny, hot and beautiful setting! Aren't I lucky eh?

sunglasses/h and m/£5.99

These were an absolute steal so thank you to h&m! I love the circular shape and the vintage vibe they exude! It's super difficult to find unique sunglasses that I feel comfortable wearing but these do the job perfectly.

Peplum top/ Topshop/ £18

I've had my eye on the peplum trend for a while as my regular readers will know, and I haven't been able to escape my desire for this top for months now. I'm thrilled I finally own it. I think it's the first all white piece of clothing in my wardrobe, and I adore the classy and ladylike fit! I styled it today with my Holiday in mind (hence the shorts). I like the combination of light and airy colours when styled with my nude pumps and white triangle earrings, but also love the contrast in clean, bold colour when I added my huge orange earrings and navy boat-ish shoes!

 print top/Dorothy Perkins/£26

I've been going on about the fact I wear too many dark/dull colours for a while and as you can see, this top completely defies that. There is something about holiday clothes that means they just have to be bright, summery and fun! This print is so funky (I am yet to decide which culture it is most inspired by!) and the clash of colours just seems to work. The design of the back of the top keeps it interesting and makes it a little less 'safe' which I appreciate! I paired it (again with Corfu in mind) with my very old tie-dye effect shorts, orange earrings and blue boat shoes since the colours all matched here-and-there but not in an overpowering manner. Even my brother complimented me on my choice with this one, which is impressive considering how little interest he has in fashion! Hurrah!

 playsuit/urban outfitters/£22

Usually out of my price range, I  tend to stay clear of urban outfitters as to avoid the pain that comes with finding something you love but can't afford. But when there's a sale...well, what excuse do I have? I love the sheer back to this playsuit, the quirky image on the front and the silky, lightweight feel of it. Love at first sight apparently does exist! Annnnd, although it was priced at £22 in the sale, I paid just £11 for it! How? Well god bless urban outfitters for their buy-one-get-one-free deal on all sale items and god bless my best friend for finding another gorgeous playsuit she was after at the same time! Although not featured on here, I teamed the playsuit with a pair of comfy black heels for a look that would do for anything from an evening meal at a restaurant to a night out. I also covered the red strip with  a brown belt and paired it with some sandals for a daytime look. Don't you just love versatility? 

p.s. more posts on the way!