Wednesday, 27 March 2013


romanticised the time I saw flowers in your hair...

Flower accessories are in despite the less than summery weather the UK is experiencing at the moment. A line of daisy clips, a single white rose, a rainbow rose combination. Choose one and inject a sprinkling of spring into your life in a slightly alternate way. Admittedly they may look more fitting with post beach hair and sunnies, but if sitting by the fire watching flecks of snow fly past the window and getting ever so into the latest itv2 two part drama with flowers in your hair is going to make you feel more optimistic, then why not?
With leather and sports luxe and crisp collars and cut-outs being flung at us left, right and centre; the flower garland is a refreshing breeze of innocence and simplicity. Just like the bikini I will have no use for that I buy each year, the flower garland will make its way into my wardrobe without fail, because pretending its summer is all Britain has right now.

My favourites:
Nasty Gal

Lavish Alice

Lipsy at asos


Miss Selfridge

Friday, 15 March 2013



something 'WOW':

Dolce and Gabbana shoes

something trendy:

Black and White Check Shift Dress by Glamorous

something timeless:

Cosmic Shift Dress sugarhillboutique

something to make you smile:

A style icon:

Emeli Sande

Sunday, 10 March 2013


Ripped jeans skin was showing, hot night wind was blowing, where you think you're going baby?

Firstly, let me apologise for the inclusion of Carley Rae Jepson lyrics in this post, I just couldn't resist. Of course it will make more sense (even if it doesn't become any more justifiable) when I tell you that this is an outfit post centred around the upcoming trend of *intense melodramatic drum roll* ripped jeans.

My go-to Topshop blue jeans have been coming to the end of their life for a while. The once skin-hugging pair now sag and wrinkle like a pair of boyfriend jeans. While I can't bring myself to chuck them out until they're truly beyond salvation, I did decide it was about time I invested in a new pair, which led me to the following Topshop black ripped skinny jeans. Whilst I did contemplate simply slitting a pair of old jeans, I soon realised I'd inevitably end up destroying them and would lose the joyous comfort of brand new Topshop skinny jeans.  
The fact that these jeans provide the general comfort and practicality a pair of jeans should, whilst having a slightly quirky edge to them is certainly very pleasing.
I was worried that by opting for black over blue in colour, I'd run the risk of no longer having a pair of jeans that can be thrown on with any combination of garments but they're surprisingly versatile. While my mum was not so impressed with my purchase of another black piece of clothing (the slits causing a slight breakdown) she did admit to liking them once they were on. Success.

Here's an outfit from this weekend featuring the aforementioned jeans, as well as some of my favourite versions of the trend on the high-street at the moment.

P.s. my overly colourful nails are a result of complete boredom during the week and I apologise.

Religion at ASOS


Urban Outfitters


Friday, 8 March 2013



something 'WOW':

Dolce and Gabbana's 2013 ad campaign. Perfection.

something timeless:

something trendy:

something to make you smile:

a style icon:

Jessica Alba

Wednesday, 6 March 2013


Mother's Day Prep

Ah, that time of year again where the universe gives us a mandate to be soppy little shits and show our lovely mumsies just how much we appreciate them. Personally, I love it; gift buying/creating for someone you know well and really care about is a thoroughly enjoyable task. Therefore this post will be my guide to giving your mum an awesome day regardless of budget or soppiness-hopefully there will be something for everyone!

low budget ideas:

  • family photo collage/album
If you're on a low budget this Mother's Day, a photo can be a great starting place for a gift. You can choose from lots of different types of frames which are sold everywhere (boots, urban outfitters, notonthehighstreet, John Lewis etc) and from lots of different photo styles to make it more fun. Or, take a bunch of photographs taken over the years and arrange them into a collage on a cork board or piece of cardboard. A cute gift that as the head of the family, your mum will definitely love and treasure for the rest of her life.

  • A poem
So if you're not one for soppiness I'd move on to the next suggestion right now. Although the idea is slightly cheesy, the poem doesn't have to be some hardcore sonnet. To make it really special, it's best to write your own, but selecting one and writing it out yourself is a great gift too. Accompanied by a flower picked from the garden and breakfast in bed and it can't go wrong.

  • A day off!
This is exactly what it says on the tin. Why not take over as many motherly duties as you can for the day? Think tidying, washing and cooking. There isn't a mother in the world who wouldn't appreciate being able to really relax for a day.

The best money can buy...

  • A delivered bouquet of flower ordered online

  • Crabtree&Evenlyn products

  • pretty crockery

  • A luxury face cream

  • A beauty therapy voucher

  • Cath Kidson Pyjamas