Wednesday, 27 March 2013


romanticised the time I saw flowers in your hair...

Flower accessories are in despite the less than summery weather the UK is experiencing at the moment. A line of daisy clips, a single white rose, a rainbow rose combination. Choose one and inject a sprinkling of spring into your life in a slightly alternate way. Admittedly they may look more fitting with post beach hair and sunnies, but if sitting by the fire watching flecks of snow fly past the window and getting ever so into the latest itv2 two part drama with flowers in your hair is going to make you feel more optimistic, then why not?
With leather and sports luxe and crisp collars and cut-outs being flung at us left, right and centre; the flower garland is a refreshing breeze of innocence and simplicity. Just like the bikini I will have no use for that I buy each year, the flower garland will make its way into my wardrobe without fail, because pretending its summer is all Britain has right now.

My favourites:
Nasty Gal

Lavish Alice

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Miss Selfridge

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Elsa Brightling said...

love your style, your blog is great!