Tuesday, 1 January 2013


Being the twat that I am I didn't take an ootn picture for y'all last night so here's a couple of photos from the night. I wore my tie-dye bodycon from Topshop, key necklace, Greek ring and leather jacket and black heeled boots. I'd definitely have bought something new had I had the chance, but I guess ending the year with one of my favourite purchases which I wore on the best holiday I've ever had and my GCSE results party isn't so bad.

 So far my new years resolutions are to take more pictures (should be easy with my new camera), conquer my stage fright, and be as healthy (after I've finished this chocolate cake) and happy as possible. Hopefully you guys are making some resolutions that you almost definitely will not stick to as well! 

Happy New Year
P.s. Thanks to @annalindleyy for an absolutely perfect night!