Friday, 26 October 2012


Weekly Round Up Part 2
 The News
1) Charlotte Free's music career

 Charlotte Free is a model with an impressive CV to say the least. She recently became one of ASOS' Christmas campaign stars alongside Azealia Banks and Ellie Goulding, She's the current face of Maybelline and  she opened Vivienne Westwood's AW11/12 Red Label show.
Now the Model is all set to embrace the music world:
"I've been making electronic music in my head for as long as I can remember," says Charlotte, "I'm not ever going to function in a real job, I've always known that."
Keep your eyes (should I say ears?) peeled.

2) Matthew Williamson 

The famous designer has made a short film about himself to celebrate fifteen years in the industry. Although put like that it sounds almost self absorbed, the main attitude surrounding the film seems to be about believing in oneself and persevering with ones dreams.
When asked what he might tell his fifteen year old self now, Williamson responded with this, 
"Confidence and belief in yourself and your vision is absolutely paramount. The fashion industry is tough - be prepared to take advice and criticism along the way, but have unwavering belief in your vision,"
The video will be launched online at Net-A-Porter next week.

3) Jessica Biel ties the knot with Justin Timberlake in Valli

*sob* Justin Timberlake is officially off the market! However, I think I can forgive Jessica Biel for her part to play in this, simply because of the gorgeous gown she wore for the occasion. Apparently the designer and the bride have always been friends and supported each others' work.
"I could not be more proud that she walked down the aisle in Italy, my own country, wearing Giambattista Valli," said the designer.
Can I get an "Aw"?

I'm going to leave it there today folks, as I feel three is probably the best number of stories to cover. However I'd be interested to know if you'd prefer 3 stories every week, 3 fortnightly, or 5 fortnightly? Please leave a comment and get back to me, I love hearing your suggestions and criticisms! 

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