Saturday, 27 October 2012


Get Inspired for Halloween!
Halloween is just around the corner, and although in a perfect world we'd all have amazing outfits created and ready to wear by now...I'm sure many of us do not! So what are you waiting for? Halloween is the perfect opportunity to try out trends you wouldn't dare to any other time of the year and take some wardrobe risks. Not to mention the fun that can be had when designing/creating an outfit from home!

I'm going to do a number of Halloween posts, as there's quite a few different aspects to the holiday that can create a whole lot of fun. In this post, I'm going to link you to some great fancy dress websites, include some inspiring celebrity costume photography, and some DIY ideas too.

Oh, and also, having no plans for the holiday is no excuse not to get into the spooky spirit. Take younger siblings trick or treating, host a scary movie night, or simply spend the evening carving pumpkins and eating lots of Halloween sweets! Whatever you spend Halloween 2012 doing, make sure you embrace the fun of it!

Fancy dress websites to check out:

Celeb Halloween Costumes!

So the trick is (I found) to search the internet high and low for Halloween inspiration, gather ideas, things you think are cool, images in your head or anything that just clicks with you. Then, you need to have a good old rummage through your wardrobe, with said inspiration fresh in your mind. Do you have a cute dress you could apply some fake blood to and go as a scary doll? You'd only need a teddy and some knee-high socks or tights to complete the look. Do you have a tutu that could transform you into a ballerina with the right make up? Maybe you could borrow your dad or brothers big clothes and drape them with chains for a hip-hop vibe. Think outside the box, try stuff on, find cheap accessories if they're needed, and I'm sure at this point you will at least be on the road to having a great costume!

On Halloween night, I'm dressing as an FBI agent. It's a perfect costume for me as I have so much black in my wardrobe anyway! I'm simply wearing my leather panel leggings with a black vest top and leather jacket, and tipexing 'FBI' onto the top. Add some aviators, and a toy gun supplied by my friend and voilĂ  a fancy dress costume for free! At the weekend I have a second fancy dress party to go to, but I'm in the stages of creating a second outfit now. I'm thinking gangster or creepy dolly maybe? Whichever means spending the least money I suppose-I know I'm so stingy!

Quick DIY ideas:

Propaganda Lady
  • Bandanna (preferably red)
  • Denim shirt tied above your tum
  • high waisted shorts/jeans

Creepy Dolly
(for image see Rochelle, The Saturdays, above)
  • Cute/girly dress with or without a white shirt underneath
  • an accessory such as a teddy or picnic basket
  • creepy make up and/or fake blood
  • tie your hair in plaits

Bond/Bond Girl

  • your fanciest dress (preferably black)
  • heels
  • lots of fancy jewellery
  • red lippy
for boys:
  • your smartest suit 
  • a slick hairstyle


  • all black clothes
  • draw on whiskers and a nose with eye-liner or face paint

Nicki Minaj

  • Pink wig
  • white vest top
  • denim shorts
  • yellow/green underwear poking out
  • pink shoes (although not all of these things are completely necessary to complete the look!)


Elena said...

Amazing post!! So helpful :D

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Kisses, Elena

Josie said...

These are fab ideas! Wish I could go out this Halloween :( look forward to seeing the celebs crazy outfits though, they go so OTT I love it xxx

Heidi-likes said...

These pictures are great! I love the bumble bee outfit, so gorgeous :)

cecylia said...

lol I love that Carine Roitfield didn't really look like she dressed up as anything- just herself :D

Belle Culkin said...

Been trying to an outfit idea for ages, this is perfect help. The Madonna 'like a virgin' outfit has always been a personal favourite of mine xx