Friday, 30 March 2012


I've always been one of those people who has a slight irrational fear of hats (don't laugh) and when I say a fear of hats, I guess I mean a fear of the attention that wearing one brings. However, I have always appreciated a good hat and I am definitely loving what spring/summer 2012 has to offer.
There is no denying that this post has been inspired by my favourite 90210 beach/boho character ivy (see below). I've never seen anyone pull off her style better than Gillian Zinser herself who can even seem to make a bowler hat look good....

 And she's not the only one out there finishing off an outfit with a head piece...

Okay well, maybe not the last one!
After seeing how a head accessory can either make or break (sorry Princess Beatrice) a look, here are some YES hats I found on-line however, I would not recommend buying a hat before trying it on!

 The Bowler: 

The Bargain: 

The statement piece:


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