Sunday, 3 February 2013


Hi folks, hope you're all well and have had fun filled weekends!
I was in Reading this weekend, which (as always) was lovely. I had a minimally successful shopping trip where I purchased a bus ticket and four M&S doughnuts which I then proceeded to eat before dining out. This was a mistake. One starter (Cafe Rouge's deep fried Camembert OMG!) later and I was full, mostly on doughy, jammy, sugary goodness. However, for the past two weeks I have been justifying every bad decision I've made with the phrase "but it's my birthday soon" so no guilt shall reside here thank you. 

I've been building up a little collection of outfit photos from the past couple of weeks when I've felt I was wearing something worthy of blogging about and today I finally have the chance to post one of them. 

shorts: Topshop

Lipstick: black cherry by Revlon Hair wax: Paul Mitchell

Necklace: vintage Scarf: vintage Sweater: Republic (Mens)

I love this outfit because it's super comfy yet I didn't feel like I was making an inadequate effort fashion-wise while I was wearing it. It also gave me a chance to wear my favourite lipstick, which always seems to look lighter in photos than in reality but none the less, the contrast between the grey and black tones of the outfit and the rich plum lipstick pleased me.

My hair is naturally straight so usually I work with what I've got by brushing it whilst blow-drying to make sure it doesn't have an odd wave or kink that looks a bit silly, but for this hair style I dried my hair until only a little damp, then tied it up for an hour or so. I added a spray of hair wax and it stayed like this for most of the day, which made for a nice change!
I've got a busy but hugely fun week ahead with my birthday on Wednesday, birthday party on Friday and a friend visiting for the weekend, but I'll try my best to get a weekday post or two in. 
As always, big thanks for reading!

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Milex said...

Your fashion brain works really well.