Sunday, 17 February 2013


LFW: Whistles
The simple elegance portrayed in every inch of a Whistles design has long been the reason behind my (with lack of physical evidence) love for the brand. I like to think that if I was a 6ft model-type-woman with a sophisticated, high-paying job (a girl can dream), Whistles would be my go-to brand for everyday wear.

The day I can finally afford to buy my first Whistles delight, the world will know about it, but for now, here's my favourites from this weeks London Fashion Week Whistles show.

The army-print trend has never sat too well with me but the camo-inspired dress below merges the trend into an arty, mellow version of the highstreet patterns. The materials and cut of the dress are enough to make the piece original and trendy whilst still retaining that notorious Whistles' air of sophistication, femininity and comfort.

One look that Whistles channel so relentlessly is straight leg trousers accompanied by silky, loose fitting shirts and forever fluffy, bulging knit pieces. Straight leg trousers are the bane of my life as a short girl, very rarely do I find a pair that fit and don't make me look even mildly ridiculous. Even sadder is the fact that my favourite trousers always tend to feature bold colours, patterns and prints which are commonly known to be unflattering to shorter women. It is for these reasons that I rely on the likes of Olivia Palermo, a style inspiring immaculately dressed woman if I ever saw one, to get my straight leg trouser kicks. Thank you Palermo for channelling my love for the design so well. And thank you Whistles for forever tempting me with your take on the classic design.

While a lot of the charm Whistles hold over the market is down to their continuity in style, they also deserve admiration for their mind-opening experiments and opinion provoking alterations seen with each new collection, this one perhaps even more noticeably so than usual.
The brand have delved into the leather trend with full force for this collection. This combined with the camo prints and that crazy harsh sunset resembling hair one of the models was sporting, are evidence to suggest that Whistles aren't afraid to take risks and embrace controversial trends.
It's their attitude to womens-wear that really captures myself more than anything. To me, with the help of previous collections, this one says that elegance, class and femininity are all valuable assets to a woman's wardrobe. However, the collection also seems to represent the idea that it is a woman's independence and unconventional wardrobe choices which will set her apart from the crowd. Leather trousers, camo-print dresses, wild hair styles and oriental silk pyjama suits are by no means designs influenced by a desire to impress those with a sexual interest or anyone else the wearer of these clothes might encounter for that matter. This collection is all about the woman and her right to dress for herself, whether she feels comfortable in the traditional thin knits and silks or wants to embrace the boy-ish leather and khaki trends. The low heels, casual hair and make-up styles and practical, versatile bags all add to the theory of the independent femininity of the modern woman. 

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