Sunday, 10 June 2012


Finally, I am back! You would think with it being half term I would have had more time but I've had a super busy week! The first half consisted of attempted revision and the hosting of a party (yay!) and the second half I spent in Eastbourne with my family. If you follow me on instagram, you'll have seen a couple of pictures from the time I spent there, mainly consisting of things I wore and/or bought. However, the quality is pretty terrible and before I went, I took some snaps of a few things I packed (wardrobe wise) to show you:

I spent my time in Eastbourne walking on the beach, dining out, and exploring the local shops amongst other things. The most memorable moment for me was probably visiting 'Beachy head' a notorious suicide spot due to its clean drop and extreme height. It was very windy and quite cloudy the day we went there which added to the eery atmosphere surrounding the cliff. On top of that, as we walked along we saw at least 6 crosses that had been put into the earth with peoples names on (to honour their memory). It was very strange to think that these people had once been stood in the same spot as you about to end their life. The visit proved to be a cultural and thought provoking experience!

On a cheerier note, I made quite a few purchases on my holiday! And, I am proud to say I managed to spend my money on smaller things (something I seem to have a phobia of!) meaning I was able to get things I'd wanted for a long time but had always put off buying in the hope of finding something bigger and in my eyes, better. However in this case, good things really do come in small packages!

earrings/Dorothy Perkins
hair accessory/Dorothy Perkins
nail varnish/RIMMEL at boots


Rachel said...

i love your haircuff. i wish mine was long enough to tie back so that i could wear one of these :) x

chloe-elise said...

Thanks, it was an absolute bargain too! Just keep growing!x