Thursday, 31 May 2012


I spend quite a lot of time imagining how my life would be different if I were tall, or perhaps even just averagely placed on the height chart. At about 5ft, I am somewhat a midget. While everyone says 'you have plenty of time left to grow!' I panic and wonder if I will have to go out into the adult world as that person who receives a comment such as 'you're so small!' at least once a day. Despite stars such as Kourtney Kardashian and Lady Gaga paving the way for us petite girls, I do (sometimes) wish I was tall. Why am I telling you this? Well I have recently fallen in love with a new style of dress which is pretty much off limits to anyone under 5 ft 3, the midi.

While currently understated as a S/S12 trend, I see it as a rising star that has been residing backstage for too long already. We saw a rise in appreciation for 'bodycon' skirts but as these were usually tiny pieces of flimsy material that clung to your bum like a scared child holding onto its mother, yet hung on the thighs like a limp piece of cloth with no desire to be there, I was not a huge fan.

Recently, this style has been developed with better fittings, patterns and embellishments making me take an entirely new approach to the design. Due to recent developments in the world of fashion I have also found myself falling for a few bodycon dresses, something I had previously eagerly shrugged off after associating them with the likes of Mercedes Mcqueen (Hollyoaks fans will understand!). 
However, it is the midi which has really made me fall in love with the boydcon fitting. As its name suggests, it offers a little more coverage in the leg department (great for anyone feeling self conscious about their pins!) while still available in designs that both lack and accentuate cleavage, making them flattering for a lady of any weight!

My picks:

The great thing about the midi is that it's truly versatile because it is just a length. Not only is there the gorgeous bodycon midi's, the trend also offers us dip-hems and a range of more classic, day time dresses. It's no surprise that during the year of the Queens diamond jubilee, women's style may become more elegant, modest and generally a little bit classier (think Brie Van De kamp). Other trends to share the glory of the jubilee include peplums and a range of different collars. For the whole jubilee-esc look without having to go for the creatively designed shorts/tops/trousers/jumpers/bags/shoes smothered in the union jack print, here's a few things I'd try...

You can definitely see elements of the Queens staple garments in the white coat and pink blazer, but whether you're patriotic or not, they are lovely clothes!

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