Saturday, 12 May 2012


Today I Am Wearing

Why is it that every time I make an effort with my outfit I get 'oh where are you going?' by every member of my household present at the time? Is it so wrong to 'over dress' for life itself? I think not. Saturday and Sunday are the only days each week I get to put thought, time and effort into what I wear and being the fashion addict I am, I enjoy the process hugely! Anyway, today I did go for a rather new/brave choice but I'm hoping it's a good sort of brave! With lots of different detail, layering, and pastels, I thought this smart/casual look was a pretty nice ensemble for a brisk, sunny day in May. 

I Also put a little effort into my hair style this morning too, which is sort of a big deal for me since if I ever do decide to style it, I usually get bored and give up after a few minutes! My hair has always had a mind of it's own and the only people who have ever managed to fully 'curl' it are my hairdressers! So I went for something simple yet cute.

In a total of about 20 minutes I got this summer like wave to my hair just by taking sections of my hair, putting it through my straighteners and adding kinks and curves as I pleased. This was easier than usual as my hair was less unruly than most days and was fairly tamed! I took two small sections from either side of my face and pulled them back into a basic plait, wrapping them around my head and fastening them with about 4 brown hair grips, which I'm pleased to say aren't too obvious!
To match the look make-up wise I went for a base layer of pore refining primer, one layer of foundation, about 3 strokes of mascara and a sweep of orange blush. For my lips I combined a red (ish) lipstick with a light pink balm to get a shade that matched the look of the outfit, but wasn't overly 'pretty pink'.

p.s. My instagram is now in full swing, and amongst silly and boring pictures it's likely I'll upload wardrobe choices plus looks/outfits/pieces I love onto there. If you want to follow me on the site, search 'elisemckeever'.


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