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Friday, 11 May 2012


Thank God It's Funny Friday!

Despite the bank holiday, this week has felt just as long as any other week, for me at least. About a week ago now, I was introduced to the Loiter Squad's YouTube account and since discovering them, have never been short of smiles and laughs. So, I'm going to start a special Friday blog post 'Funny Friday' (imaginative I know!) featuring something different every week that has made me smile and/or laugh. I apologise in advance if you do not share my sense of humour because it is likely that this blog will put you in a worse mood rather than a better one (which is the intention)!
Without further ado here is Tyler The Creator ft. Nathaniel the seagull, dressed rather strangely singing a seriously deep song. I really connected with the lyrics, as will you...

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