Thursday, 12 April 2012


It seems like forever since I was sat here at my computer, attempting to write something mildly interesting for you and enjoyably time consuming for me. Still, I am back after my 'not-so-inspired' break and planning to do a post all about Made In Chelsea (yes that reality television show featuring young, pompous millionaires).
I'm ashamed to say I have sat through two episodes of the new series, (admittedly whilst fuming and sulking at how these people seem to own my dream wardrobe) before coming here to have a little natter about the 'Made In Chelsea' style.

It appears however, that I am not the only one whose taken an interest in the 'Chelsea' look. Various magazines such as Glamour and Grazia have featured some of the characters wardrobe choices and River Island seem to have fallen head over heels with the style as they bought out a 'Chelsea Girl' department. The collection features 61 supposedly 'Chelsea like' garments some of which couldn't be more right, others that couldn't be any more wrong if you took a blowtorch to them.

Star of the show Millie Mackintosh is seen here pulling off both leather shorts and trousers, a very grungy look which I adore, however there is no leather to be seen in RI's collection. And below, she wears a large hat and fur scarf yet there are no hats in the collection and only one item of fur present in a rather hideous coat.

Rosie Fortescue doesn't seem to stick to the floaty, flamboyant, hippy-esc style either, opting for leather and block colour over a white lace dress any day.

So is this Chelsea style made up entirely or just some form of stereotyping? Either way it seems to make us assume that a Chelsea woman is another species all together ("and on the 3rd day, God created the Chelsea woman"). You get the drift. Anyway, my point is that the only difference between your average working ladies style and the not so average and most probably not working style of the chelsea girl, is money. If we could afford it, of course we would dress like them. But while we do see the occasional bold print or cream lace on the show...

 ...this iconic Chelsea look that seems to have been created doesn't really exist. There are no boundaries to what the cast of made in Chelsea wear at least, and I applaud them for that.  That said, RI's collection is worth looking at and is none the less a home for gorgeous style. However, the girls style really comes down to good taste, class, diversity and unfortunately, money. But where the last one is not available to all of us, the first three are.

My River island Chelsea girl favourites:

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