Thursday, 5 April 2012

#5 - This is the blog of cosmopolitan's 'Best New Fashion Blog' 2011 winner, Olivia Purvis. From first glance, it's not hard to tell that this girl is a fairly successful blogger. She's got the artwork, the stylish format, the stunning clothes. But when you sit down and actually read what she writes, only then do you realise how talented she really is. I regularly check Olivia's blog (at the same rate I check Lauren Conrad's) and I thought that maybe, since I'm so infatuated with 'what Olivia did',  perhaps fellow bloggers and fashion lovers may also be interested in a quick interview with the girl herself. I am pleased to reveal that the light-hearted, bubbly and intelligent girl behind seems to be exactly the same 'off-blog' as she appears 'on-blog' (excuse my made up phrases!). Enjoy...

The girl behind the blog

1) What made you first start your blog? 
I'd been reading loads of other fashion blogs, and after a few months felt totally inspired to start my own!

2) Was having a lot of attention for your blog a main priority for you when you first set it up?  
Oh my goodness no! I read loads of 'big blogs' and never dreamt mine would ever grow above my loyal 14 followers! I am still stunned by how many people say they read it!

 3) How has being a blogging success altered your life?
I wouldn't say it really has! It's given me several opportunities, which I'm hugely grateful for and I've met some amazing people but in terms of my daily lifestyle, minus more posing- it hasn't really!

4) You say you're on your gap year at the moment. What's the next step for you?       
I'm currently interning and just trying to get as much experience in the fashion industry as possible, I may defer university for a following year because I'm quite enjoying working and gaining work expo at the moment!

5) If you could only buy from 1 designer and 1 high street store again, which would you choose?     
I'd probably have to say Mulberry (those bags...) and Topshop!

6) Your hair seems to be perfectly groomed in every photo on your blog, how do you style it?     
Thank you! I just curl it with straighteners, back brush a little and add hairspray!

 7) Where would you like to be in life 10 years from now?      
Happy! If possible I'd also like to be working for a magazine, either styling or writing and with a lovely family.

 8) Have you always had the courage to buy and wear the clothes you love or was there a certain point in life where you found and became comfortable with your style?
I guess so! It's more a matter of my style evolving I think, and just becoming happier with what I chose to wear. I went through a phase of 'bright skinny jeans and high tops'- so I've never been a shy dresser, but more recently have developed a sense of style I feel more secure with.

9) Do you have any role models/icons and if so who and why?      
My mum! Literally the most caring, selfless, lovely, wonderful and best dressed woman I know.

10) What is one trend you are loving right now and one trend you have always loved?    
I'm currently loving pastels and prints, but I have pretty much always loved 60's style- block colours, boyish tailoring and contrasting ladylike shifts.

11) What's one trend you would never consider? 
I'll try (pretty much) everything once!

 12) What can readers expect from your blog in the upcoming weeks/months?        
I have lots of exciting things in the pipeline, including new outfit posts, interviews and a couple of cheeky recipes!

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