Wednesday, 18 April 2012


I don't know about you, but having to walk/jog through the relentless showers England has experienced this week, dodging puddles and ending up with soaked feet anyway, has really made me start to wish we'd see a bit more of the idyllic spring weather I picture for so long every winter. However, as most of the country has already been declared in drought, I'm not going to be wishing the rain away just yet and instead am going to try and bring a little bit of sunshine to my blog by focusing on the truly controversial colour, yellow.

May I just remind you that this is a colour that Chris Martin sings about, so in my books that makes it a pretty good colour already. However, when it comes to incorporating the shade into our wardrobes, we all seem to try to avoid it, leaving it up to the models and runways to advocate. But what better way is there to brighten up your day than wearing yellow? Admittedly you might get a few suspicious stares if you're skipping through puddles and embracing the rainfall in a plastic-look yellow mac, with a plastic-look yellow hat and superbly yellow wellies on, but I'm convinced there are ways to make the colour a wardrobe staple, especially this year. Key yellow-featuring trends appearing at the moment include delicate laces and pretty pastels, and while these may not suit your mood on a rainy day, the bolder, heavier and wilder side of 2012 spring/summer trends just might!(and vice versa)

My top 3:
1)The blazer
Blazers seem to dangle in the wings of the fashion stage almost all year, every year. Whether they're with shoulder pads, rolled up sleeves, equestrian style, jet black or primary coloured, they're pretty much impossible to escape from, and I'm not complaining.

Team with your every day jeans (rolled up if you like), a white t-shirt, neutral heeled-sandals or flats and a floral bag for a day to evening look.

2) The Jean
Colour pop jeans have been a trend for a few months now, though over winter the most popular colours were darker tones such as maroon and dark green. Although wearing bright yellow jeans may be a scary thought, when paired with less in-your-face colours they can work wonders, and if that still isn't enough to convince you, go for pastel yellows instead.

3) The Dress
Yellow is naturally a day time colour but with yellow dresses, the colour in itself can be the statement piece for an evening event making it perfect for either or.
In really bad weather conditions, try the jeans with a baggy jumper/top, a casual dress with a wintery cardigan and boots, or the blazer also with boots and a less flowery bag! If all else fails, grab a pair of yellow wellies! Who knows, they might just make you happy to see the rain!

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