Sunday, 16 June 2013


 After a particularly manic four days, I'm currently indulging in the rainy Sunday gifted to us-and yes, gifted, because there is no mandate to do sweet nothing more official than wind and rain on a Sunday. In today's case, this indulgence comes in the form of no make up, a ponytail that was once high sitting comfortably on my shoulders and a handmade t-shirt made by one of my best friends, which reads: I love cats and Charlotte. Now there's a mental image that should be actualized and printed in Vogue.

While the above image is somewhat disturbing, hopefully the images below are slightly less so.

Dress: Topshop, shoes: T-reds

This dress is a little piece of heaven, for me at least. Every time I put it on I become a better version of myself. Okay maybe that's a slight exaggeration, but in all sincerity, when wearing something so delightful one can only feel the same. 
The lace detail and smock fit entwine to create a classy yet flattering, simple yet beautiful and humble yet stand-out garment. With neutral yet exceedingly high heels, the outfit became posh enough for the wedding that could put all rom-coms to shame and yet unambitious enough to not draw any attention from the beautiful bridal party. Whilst this dress can be dressed up or down to any extent, this particular combination was born for the sake of my cousin's wedding which I attended a few weekends ago now. The celebrations lasted a full weekend and were nothing less than perfect (honestly expected Hugh Grant to appear at any moment) and I wish Katherine, Andy and baby Ellie a lifetime of happiness!

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littleb said...

This dress is really cute! I love the intricate details on it and the bright blue. Love it!! xx