Friday, 7 June 2013


Summer, Summer, Summer Time
Outfit posts are awkward. Fact. Only now am I realising that I appear to like posing with my hands on my hips, which was undeniably more cool four years ago than it is today. Still, outfit posts are about the outfits so ignore my lame-ass posing and check out my uber funky River Island shorts instead. I'm not a particularly big fan of River Island. I stumbled across these fringed, fun and fitting beauties during the new year sales where any and every store must undergo a thorough scrutiny in the name of deals, and a deal they were at just £12! Jumping at the chance to widen my fashion horizons as it were and step out of my comfort zone for such a reasonable price, they soon became one of my favourite pieces of eye candy within my wardrobe. As the tee was a basic blue M&S design found in my mum's never-ending draws of M&S designs (don't worry she's used to my rummaging), this outfit would be extremely economically friendly if it weren't for the Superga's on my feet. Party outfits don't come more practical than this; it's comfy, expressive, fun and easy to dance in. I don't think I could have avoided these shorts when dressing for the first summer house party of the year if I'd tried.



curly purplepig said...

nice outfit, your shorts are so unique!

Bradley Stephens said...

LOVE those shorts!!