Monday, 31 December 2012


Since the first day of its existence, this blog has been dedicated to fashion and style, but I am yet to really take a step away from the clothes/shoes/handbags side of fashion and delve into the fashion that surrounds almost everyone on a daily basis. Everything we see around us has been designed (by man or nature) to look a certain way. Even down to the simple example of a tree, completely natural and yet one tree will, for some reason, be more aesthetically pleasing than another. Is the tree actually just better looking, or do we judge its appearance based on what we have been told by our subconsciousness to find attractive?

Somewhere in between natural design, architecture and high fashion comes décor. That is, the decoration of a room or space in general. Living in the first world country we do, we experience décor twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week whether we realise it or not. Both genders, and all ages take an interest in décor, some actively (usually women I have to say) and some subconsciously. I always enjoy seeing other peoples houses and rooms, I find they often reveal new things about a person. And as people who take an interest in fashion and design most commonly enjoy the discovery and appreciation of thought and opinion provoking art, décor is simply the next step in the line of prettiness and of course more sincerely, self expression.

This post was sparked off by one of my favourite gifts I've ever received, courtesy of my mum this Christmas  ;100 postcard Vogue covers.
After some consideration and a lonnnnng selection of my favourites I arranged them in the following way behind my dressing table. I considered making a border around the room of them which may have been less overwhelming, but I knew I wanted to be able to really admire them...without having to walk around my entire room, even if it is tiny.

Here's some of my favourite décor ideas...

rope for a towel rail

The ends of old rolling pins on a plank of wood for a coat/hat rail

lettered doorknobs on cuboards

cut the legs off of a dresser and add a cushioned seat.

sources: pinterest

What takes your fancy when it comes to décor? 

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