Friday, 28 December 2012


I am back on the blogosphere after my accidental but inevitable Christmas break, and I bring exciting news, well, for me. Not so much for you. Anywaaaaay...
Clearly I was on Santa's 'nice' list this year because I am now the proud owner of a Fugifilm Finepix S4500 Cameroony. That means camera in the language of excitable Elise, in case you were wondering. 

As my lovely Granddad is the master of cameras and assisted 'Santa' in the selection of mine, I'm heading over to his house tomorrow for another Christmas celebration and serious camera lessons. In the mean time I have been photographing everything and anything, including two ootd's from a couple of Christmas shindigs-complete with staple Christmas jumper inherited from my brother a couple of weeks ago. 

The crew neck left me feeling just very slightly Chung-like, and the print made sure festivity followed me around constantly, and there's nothing bad about either of those things I can tell you.

Before you browse the shots, please bare in mind I am a photography amateur of the highest level, despite one year of a media course, I failed miserably to hold onto any of the technical teachings I was granted. Hopefully over the next few months, especially once my exams are out of the way, my photography should improve, and I'm very excited for that. But in the mean time...I'm sorry.

 I wore this outfit to Ston Easton Hotel for canap├ęs. Last year I wore a dress and wedges but this year I couldn't find anything I felt better in than this outfit. It's extremely basic, especially for such a posh place (I tried caviar...ew) but it was warm and cosy, and I dressed it up with a red lip and statement gold earrings. I think the only way this outfit could have increased in christmassy-ness was if I'd strewn tinsel across my shoulders.

I wore this outfit to a friends Christmas party on the 21st, although on the night it looked a little different. I had very straight hair rather than the frizzy mess above, my make up was slightly different and I wore my black loafers rather than my daps. It was an amazing night, and kicked off with a gingerbread house! However as I got very very very very very drunk, nothing more shall be said on the matter.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are still celebrating with films, chocolate and posh drinks. My guide to sales shopping has been scrapped, since I got up at an ungodly hour to check them out and was ridiculously disappointed, even Topshop was a failure. My only advice now would be to stay away from the sales!
I do have more posts lined up in its place however, but bare with me because masses of revision must now commence, so I'll be back when I can lovely readers.
Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year!

P.s. The Downton Christmas special...OMG?!


Shannon Beer said...

I love your shorts! You're gorgeous and so is your hair xx

Anonymous said...

I love your hair..and adorable jumper! OX