Sunday, 16 September 2012


London Fashion Week Summary So Far
Hello, hello, hello! Although I'm spending the day in my pyjamas feeling sorry myself (instead of going to Bournemouth as was planned) I thought I should make the most of the day. There was absolutely no way I could not do a LFW themed post so now I've found the time; here it is! Remembering that fashion is forecasted two seasons ahead, and that the highstreet is completely taken and created from the more extravagant and 'artsy' world of designer, high-end fashion, here are my favourites so far as well as a quick summary of what they show us about spring 2013!


James Long


Emilia Wickstead


John Rocha

Todd Lynn

Holly Fulton

Dion Lee

Clements Ribeiro

Fashion East

Combining all of these designs I would predict that spring 2013 will be full of print and florals, but not in the same style as we saw this year. Florals are taking a harsher, bolder turn in fashion now so forget pastels and dainty detail and start thinking big, bright and beautiful. Print-on-print is a definite yes and a very fun look to embrace, clashing colours are no longer a 'do not' of fashion.
The peplum trend will still be going strong which is very good news for me, but it looks like it'll also give way to softer, feminine shaping in tops and dresses mainly. Cut-out, leather and grunge pieces will still be 'in' although I expect the grunge trend will fade out over the next 6 months as the weather (hopefully) and mood of the country changes. Other themes include sports luxe and of course, my favourite, the trouser suit. Harsh lines and shapes, animal prints, sheer and shirts are all sticking around for the foreseeable future too. 
Holly Fulton styled the majority of her looks with round sunglasses and espadrilles and to my absolute delight, Clements Ribeiro used jelly shoes!
Hopefully you're all feeling inspired for spring 2013 and enjoying London Fashion Week from the comfort of your homes as much as I am!


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I can't conceive how this is all Spring/Summer 2013. It still feels like 2010 and Topshop are doing those antler outfits..


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