Saturday, 15 September 2012


Just a really quick post today to show you what I'm wearing and update y'all on the latest happenings! This week has been super busy and I've had no time for blogging which is very sad but, pretty much unavoidable with the amount of work I now have to do. I also haven't shown you any of the outfits I've warn to school yet-admittedly they've been lacking in creativity since they are being chosen at 7am. I'm having a very boring/productive weekend, so far it has consisted of having to turn down a party (boo), spending hours on history work and I'm now about to pop into town to get folders and notebooks for school before babysitting all evening-always an excellent reminder of how old and 'mature' I'm getting (again, boo). Still, I'm looking forward to having some money! I'm torn between purchasing these RI shoes which are beyond beautiful but would use pretty much all my spare cash or both the trousers and the shirt, what do you guys suggest?

  Outfit Of The Day:

 I seem to have subconsciously dressed a little 'English-preppy' today, probably as a result of my oh so studious weekend activities. I bought this shirt early-mid summer this year and am now thrilled to be seeing checkered clothing returning to fashion for autumn/winter'12. I added my wintery ASOS skirt and belted it with well, the first belt I found really! And yes, I did team black with blue today but I don't believe those two colours cannot mix, and I'm not going to avoid my biker jacket today either! I finished the look with my cheap-and-cheerful brogues. Not the most stunning outfit ever but it'll do!

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