Friday, 7 September 2012


When the trouser suit made a reappearance in women's fashion mid-late summer this year, our gender was quickly divided. While tall, confident and fashion-involved women rubbed their perfectly manicured hands together with glee, the more well, (dare I say it) ordinary, of us were sceptical. Sure I could appreciate the divine print, silky materials and flattering yet empowering image the trouser suit offered the models in the magazines (and occasionally even those ridiculously trendy street style girls that are at the very core of my envy) but for me, the trouser suit was a wasted trend and so it was, and still is being avoided-and I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way.

But good news! As ever, fashion is evolving by the day, and the trouser suit has given way to some trouser-suit offspring if you will, suitable for everyone. If the bold prints and clashing colours are not for you, simply team a neutral shirt with some tailored trousers and that could be your take on the boyish look that is so ripe this autumn. Or, if you prefer, counteract that engulfing vibe of the trouser suit with a shorts and shirt match instead! And if neither of those options satisfy you, why not follow the trend until you stumble upon the pyjama style instead and invest in a soft print shirt or an elegantly hung pair of silk trousers? The possibilities are endless, and you can bet we'll see the style evolve further this autumn/winter when covering up becomes a necessity rather than just a trend. 
However, do not forget what this look is all about; boyish glamour. In some ways, this trend is a reinforcement by women where respect and equality are concerned. After the pastels and lace of spring 2012 pass, and as we all slip back into our routine of work/education/general hard-work we want clothes that encourage and embrace the state of mind that women of the 21st century are, and will be, renowned for. Let the prints, cuts and materials remind the world that females are feminine and leave it to the definitive lines, contours and imagination enhancing pieces to set the tone for women and their style in 2012. This general vibe is being reinforced by the comeback of the oversized coat, high neck sweaters, leather and the undeniable success of flatforms and general boyish footwear to name but a few of autumn 2012's latest trends. 
But enough of my rambling, here are just a few accessible suggestions from the high-street that just ooze boyish glamour!


Sabrina said...

Yesssss, I am all about boyish glamour and feminine pieces with a menswear-inspired twist. Loving the photos and choices you've put up in this post--the last photo only reminds me how much I love suspenders/braces!


Hannah said...

Love this post, words of wisdom! I adore this trend, and I can't wait to take it through to a/w !


Jessica Foster said...

Great post and adore your blog!! x