Sunday, 1 July 2012


The past week has been a little manic (hence the lack of posts) and this new found busyness of mine is set to continue for longer still. In the past week I've had my leavers day, prom and prom after party (all on one day) and before that a lot preparation (including a nerve-racking spray tan!). Despite FORGETTING to wear mascara for most of the day, my phone breaking and some rather unflattering photos being taken, it was a good day. Our prom was held at the gorgeous Bailbrook house and I cannot deny that I felt a little made-in-Chelsea while sipping on some rather exotic fruit juice in the plush backdrop! Of course the highlight of the day was the after party held at my friends house! All in all? A great way to finish 5 years in compulsory education! Here are some snaps, including my outfit choices!

 I fell in love with my sequin dress as soon as I laid eyes on it on the Topshop website. The sequins and pastel pink appealed to my subconscious girly-girl, and the open back made it a little more adventurous and up to date. It was not easy to get hold of as it kept disappearing from the site and I only ever saw it in-store once! However I am very pleased I got my hands on it. As much as I'd love to keep it, I'm not sure how much use I'll get out of it again and the money side of things is pushing me towards selling it too! But I'm going to think it over and try to emotionally detach myself a little first!
As for the shoes well, all I can say is I did not expect to find such a perfect pair in tReds! The colour matched perfectly and the clear heel was so funky (yes I just said funky) and exquisite I couldn't resist! They were an absolute steal too at just £35! 

 Since then it hasn't really stopped, with visits from old friends and travelling between cities all either in full swing or happening shortly, I haven't had much of a chance to get bored yet! However, I'm pretty sure that will all change further into my summer holidays, so be sure to expect lots of 'I'm bored' tweeting sessions in the next couple of months! I'm currently in the process of finding things to feature on my next post which is based around the number 5. Don't ask me why, 5 just seemed like a good number! To put it in context, my ideas include '5 new artists' '5 summer must haves' and '5 make up tips'. Keep your eyes peeled and once again, thank you for reading!

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