Saturday, 16 June 2012


So this is only my second 'today I am wearing post' as they tend to take quite a lot of preparation and time. On top of that, I've become far too comfortable with uploading a poor quality photo of what I'm wearing to my instagram, so I thought it was about time I did a proper post on what I actually wear rather than what I wish I could wear!

So my outfit today is not what you would call 'summery' but then neither is England right now (despite it being the middle of June!) so I guess that's okay. It's pretty basic and verrrry comfy, which is always a bonus when choosing your outfit. I have to say though, getting these leather panelled leggings on really needs to be an Olympic sport! Thank god they're worth the violent struggle!

Leave a comment if you want to know where anything I'm wearing is from by the way (that goes for all posts!). So over the next two weeks or so I'm hoping to do a post on a couple of certain celebrities that I'm admiring at the moment annnnd (if the weather gets better) I will hopefully be bringing a post to you all about my tie dye experience!
Enjoy your weekend

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