Wednesday, 13 June 2012


"I put some new shoes on and suddenly everything is right" goes the Paolo Nuntini hit which has been spinning non stop in my head for the last hour since the postman delivered my new midi heels to my door. With a ridiculously daunting maths exam going surprisingly okay, and a school schedule that meant I was home by 11.30, I was already in what you could call, a decent mood and this just topped it off. I ordered these beauties only a few days ago and having had previous scenarios of waiting for over a week for items ordered online, was very proud of my go-to store (ASOS) for getting them to me so quickly!

When I wrote a post a while back about how I'd fallen in love with midi dresses, I hadn't even considered trying out a midi heel, especially as they are so close to 'kitten heel' height (and no one likes a kitten heel!). However, the actual design of the heel is very different. I love the little bit of almost unnoticeable height it adds to your figure (something I could do with) and the nude colour means they'll go with pretty much anything. On top of that, I feel the little strap adds a ladylike, 'cute' look to the shoe while the metallic heel keeps it modern and brave. I'm proud that I've finally built up the courage to buy a pair of shoes I adore despite the fact I haven't seen the style on anyone else yet, as well as the design perhaps being slightly controversial!

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