Sunday, 21 July 2013


Outfit Post

This is a slightly sad post due to the fact that last night (when I wore this outfit to my friends BBQ and party-type-shindig) I lost these earrings, which I've only worn once before! Bad times. I'm actually so in love with them that I think I'll have to buy another pair, but at £6 from Asos, there are worse amounts of money to lose. And of course, stuff is just stuff. 

The top works for me because it's so versatile. To get something that I should be able to wear in every season, with almost everything else in my wardrobe, that I really like is pretty fab, even more so when it's just £12. I also love the way it's fitted and cropped, but not too revealing. Basically, this means I won't have to shy away from wearing it if my grandparents are visiting! 

These shorts are the only pair I own that genuinely fit me now, and definitely the coolest. I discovered them at a vintage fair in Bournemouth for £15-quite impressive for someone with a tendency to walk away from any clothes rack that requires close analysis and a certain element of luck in order to find something that both fits and looks good.

I love the simplicity required in outfit planning in this weather, and the ease and comfort of this outfit in particular, combined with a wonderful night with some of my best friends, makes for a happy me. 
 I hope you're all enjoying summer and loving some summer fashion.

earrings: Asos, Top: Asos, Levi's: Vintage, shoes: Superga


Anonymous said...

cute outfit! it would look great with a gold chain necklace or a some type of bibbed necklace :)

Tanja S. said...

You look absolutely amazing with that crop top and shorts! Oh and hey, I lost my favorite pair of earrings :(