Tuesday, 22 January 2013


I am finally back after an eighteen day blogging break (oops!). I suppose the initial reason I didn't post for a while was exams, which took up most of my time over the Christmas holidays and the first week back. Then the colder weather and OMG SNOW!!!! set in and well...out went fashion and in came salopettes, clashing puffa jackets and wellies. I gave in to the big chill and all inspiration went completely out the window. However, today I finally planned my outfit for the first time in weeks and it was, as always, super fun. I love having the time and motivation to sit and stare at your wardrobe (and other peoples wardrobes if need be) and having epiphanies, good and bad, about what would really work and what really wouldn't. It really is one of life's most simple pleasures, and nothing sets a day in motion like wearing something you feel like 'you' in.

So after establishing a new shopping mantra yesterday, I refocused my efforts onto the items I already own. In the February half term I plan to embrace the huge and daunting task of going through my entire wardrobe and dividing it into three piles; charity shop, eBay and keeps. I think I'll get rid of at least 50% of what I own clearing up a lot of space for my new, better and fewer purchases.
I've had a shopping crisis for a while. The familiar one of buying cheap and cheerful and a month or so later finding yourself wondering why you're broke and why you own so many clothes that no longer please you.
February Vogue touched on this issue and encouraged me to really go ahead with my wardrobe make-over. In their world, 'quality not quanitity' means limiting ones self to just two pairs of Jimmy Choos a season and one Burberry trench. In a bloggers world of course, it's a little different than that. The problem is it's hard on an average young persons budget to invest in true quality pieces, the kind that have been slaved over (NOT LITERALLY!) for months and that present attention to detail that is simply, exquisite.These designer items are the kind that can satisfy for a life-time whereas the high-street shops are much more trend-based and move very quickly, convincing us we're constantly falling behind and persuading us to continuously fork out for things we never even thought we wanted.
So for the poorer of us, the mantra must be translated into highstreet terms. I'll do a post on this in the next week and let y'all know how my shopping challenge is coming along.

Anyway here's my outfit from today (excluding shoes because they're drying on a radiator) and my inspiration for it. Sorry for the terrible photography it was very rushed!