Monday, 17 December 2012


So it's been a while...again. I can't say my posts will become any more regular however, in fact it'll probably be the opposite in that they will become even fewer and far between! This prospect doesn't exactly fill me with joy as there's nothing nicer than coming in from the winter weather, sitting at the computer with a scolding mug of green tea and just typing away about pretty clothes, pretty shoes, pretty accessories and all round prettiness (yay), but, I only have a few weeks until exam season, this week being my last in school and my first exam being two days into the January term (thanks for that AQA) and so A levels and Christmas are pretty much all I can make time for at the moment, with the odd singing lesson here and there if I'm lucky.

On top of the stress that naturally comes with exams and Christmas time, my immune system seems to be taking some time off. I currently sound like a man and am being laughed at on a regular basis by my charming friends for making all kinds of awkward and unfeminine noises when I laugh. Humph. 

Anyway, back to what you're actually bothering to read this for-clothes. Over the summer I developed a theory strongly based on wild guesses and an odd intuition that plaid/chequered clothing would make a come back in the next few months. The dogtooth trend looked like the perfect opportunity for the fashion world to dive back into the ever recurring favourite, with the colder temperatures came the tartan scarves and finally a couple of weeks ago I saw an entire section on about 'plaid influence'. Not that boohoo are exactly the Gods of fashion and inspiration but as a boutique that usually indulges in the latest trends, I paid attention. Topshop have complied nicely with a certain tartan/chequered set of dungarees and UO are offering a range of grungy shirts in a plethora of chequered patterns.

Of course all this makes me very happy as my Topshop chequered shirt which I bought in the summer can wear its colours with pride, he will be very happy. I cant believe I just referred to my shirt as a 'he'...moving on.
Here's a couple of outfits featuring the aforementioned shirt. Is it a yes or no for plaid this season?



Kirsty Watson said...

Aw that sucks that you've got exams right after Christmas, hope you manage to find a bit of time to relax and enjoy the festivities! I'm so happy that check/plaid/tartan is back in and I love your shirt xx

Hola Bambi said...

Gorgeous outfits xx