Sunday, 2 December 2012


Happy Sunday! 
Here are some snaps from last night's masquerade partay make up extravaganza! Kate did a brilliant job with my make up and I really enjoyed looking like a permanently (for a few hours) masqueraded figure. It looks a lot more complicated than it was however. It took us about two hours but that's because we did it very slowly whilst messing about etc.  I think when really applying yourself to it, it could be done in under half an hour. For the lace effect, you literally just hold a piece of lace over your face and sponge face paint over the top. When you remove the lace, the pattern has been transferred to your skin (cool, right?).
Kate then powdered a dash of silver, glitter shadow over the top for the shimmering effect and smudged the outline to give more of a 3D look to the 'mask'. Topped off with Revlon's  black cherry lipstick, my go-to black dress, heels and leather biker jacket, and I was good to go.
I've actually worn this dress three times now-ballet in February, evening prom in June (I think)  and masquerade party in December . I'm hoping you'll be the same as me and think that wearing the same dress three times is an achievement right? Whether I'll get through the rest of the year with no new dresses will remain to be seen however.
I hope you all have a lovely Sunday and a tolerable Monday (I'm going to an all day business conference-BOOO)!

(my legs look crazy pale because I borrowed my very pale friends tights!)


The cats Meowww! said...

you look great!
the makeup is cute

Hola Bambi said...

You look beautifullllll xx