Thursday, 22 November 2012


This is a slight ramble of a post today (sorry). I've been absolutely terrible at remembering to photograph my outfits recently but keep your eyes peeled for one big outfit post coming soon, as I'm planning to do them all in one big go when I get the chance!
As far as getting the chance goes though, I have no idea when it'll be. I've got a busy weekend ahead; I'm even going into school tomorrow (my day off!) because Lord Whitty (from the House of Lords) is coming to speak. I also, scarily, have to meet and greet the guy and 'go for coffee in the conference room' with my politics teacher and the Lord himself. Gosh, I feel like I'm talking about voldemort when I say 'the Lord'. Just to be clear I'm not, I'm talking about the Labour politician. It's a real shame I don't like coffee. I wonder if I can be cheeky and demand a green tea?
More to the point. What on earth does one wear when meeting a Lord?! I'm currently thinking black heeled boots and my RI blazer but that's as far as I've got. I also seriously hope he's not expecting me to be some political boffin because well...I'm not. But hey at least when my dad boasts about knowing guys with seats in the commons I can do my fair share of boasting too. Maybe I'll try and influence some law-making too, I'm sure he'll appreciate my input. I'm currently thinking I should suggest free clothes for all? 

Anyway, I'm not sure whether I'll have the time to blog tomorrow as I'm working in the evening and have an English coursework piece to write before partaaaaying hard on saturday night (I'll try my very best to remember to blog my outfit), so here's the usual collection of inspirational images from the web that I'd post on a Friday.

P.s. Has anyone read the December VOGUE? I loved the article about dancing, it definitely made my horrendous moves seem more acceptable!

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