Friday, 16 November 2012


weekly round up: part 1

For me, winter fashion means two things; sparkly, elegant festive party style and layering up with anything that may keep you even remotely warmer while the low temperatures nip at your nose, hands and feet.
While women in magazines and models on the runway sport clean-cut, sophisticated winter wardrobes, the 'real' woman (in my experience at least) goes for a much more relaxed vibe, focusing mostly on comfort and cosiness. So in this weeks image inspiration post, I've attempted to choose the pictures from the web that most capture the real world of winter fashion. There are exceptions to this idea however, such as kate moss' golden delight, or that glittering silver piece of art with the cross-back. The over all aim of this collection of photos is to appeal to everyone, and all areas where inspiration matters, so I hope you like them and be sure to declare your favourites.

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