Friday, 12 October 2012


Weekly round up: part 2
This is the more substantial part to my Friday weekly round  up I suppose. If you're one for the pretty pictures and not the text this post probably won't take your fancy. However if you want to know 5 of the top stories in fashion this week, keep reading because there are some right goodens' I can tell you!

1) Kate and Cheryl

It has emerged this week, via Cheryl's autobiography, that the Duchess Of Cambridge dressed up as Cheryl in a bodysuit and split trousers on her hen night and performed 'Fight For This Love'. Apparently William told Cheryl this after her performance earlier this year at the Jubilee Concert. This delicious little bit of gossip is definitely a positive (in my opinion) for both of the beautiful ladies. It shows that the lovely Cheryl is still very much a national sweetheart, adored by all. Add this to the naked Harry business and topless Kate on holiday (quite a bit more outrageous but none the less amusing), and all of a sudden it seems the latest generation of Royals are fun, genuine and even more respectable because of it!

2) Chanel's Little Black Jacket exhibition

Chanel opened it's Little Black Jacket exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery in London today! The notorious Karl Lagerfeld took all of the images (there is over 100, spread throughout four rooms) and used his favourite Iconic Chanel faces, as well as a few unsuspecting ones too.
The exhibition is open until the 28th of October and admission is free.

3) Alexa on the Chanel Hula Hoop bag

Alexa Chung receives a personalised Chanel Hula hoop beach bag live on the Anderson show. I love what she has to say about this piece. Watch it here.

4) Alexa Chung's book

Alexa has squashed rumours that her book will be a "style bible" in which she will dictate what people should wear and how they should wear it.
"It's basically a compendium of drawings and photographs, and I'm going to write about a bunch of stuff," says Chung. "It's not like a style bible - which I keep reading it being reported as." 
The book is set to hit the shops next September.

5)Well Dunn with Jordan Dunn 

Model Jordan Dunn is set to have her own cooking show on Jay-Z's Youtube entertainment channel, Life and Times. As you may have guessed, it's title is to be "Well Dunn with Jordan Dunn", and I admit I had a little giggle in response. The Channel is to be launched this weekend and will touch on areas such as food, fashion, music and architecture. 
It's great to see models expanding their horizons and showing off their skills and talents in other areas of life besides appearance. After following Dunn on twitter for a while, I personally have taken a strong liking to her and her fun, down to earth vibe which her and her best friend Cara Develingne exude.

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