Thursday, 11 October 2012


Just a super quick, bad quality post for you guys today. I was in a mad rush when I took these so I apologise in advance-they're really not great. I wore my sleeveless check shirt under the jumper, styled as an 'off the shoulder' jumper (although I stupidly did not take a photo that shows this!), but basically it was my attempt at the cut-out trend. I Added my favourite shorts, tights, Chelsea boots, key-chain necklace and waxed jacket and ta-dah, this outfit was born. I thought the way the layers, textures and colours worked together in this outfit sort of epitomised autumn as well as being very much in my comfort zone, I just hope it looked better in reality than in these photos!


Em. said...

LOVE the shorts!

I need them


Mallory said...

those shorts are awesome!