Saturday, 25 August 2012


The fact that I cannot afford to shop at Whistles and actually, don't even own a single item of clothing from the British store, could and would not stop my excitement when I discovered Whistles are launching their first ever limited edition collection!

"We decided to stretch our creative wings this year and allow ourselves the luxury of designing a small tightly-edited collection of what we consider to be the most covetable pieces of the season, in the most luxurious and desirable fabrics,"-Jane Shepherdson whistles chief executive  

Almost everything Whistles produces and sells exudes effortless luxury-which of course is their aim. They're the kind of brand which enables you to look (and feel) fabulous in a basic pair of trousers and shirt simply because of the materials used and the cut of the clothes. That said, they can also offer up some gorgeous evening wear and some very cool biker jackets, along side their iconic look of tailored trousers and shirts/knitwear.
So all of this makes me wonder, how are Whistles going to wow with this limited edition line? The collection will include 70 'luxury' pieces (but isn't Whistles luxurious enough already?!) some made only in batches of 20 and available in a few specific stores. Because of these figures, there is definitely a lot of suspense and expectation surrounding the launch, and Whistles are going to have to take things a step further if it is to live up to the 'hype' as it were. But what can that possibly mean when they're already using the best of materials and producing the best of everyday wear? Maybe we will see them using newer, seasonal materials and designs or maybe we will see them take a different approach altogether and break away from their high-fashion-but-accessible routes. What's for certain however, is that it will be a collection that excites fashionistas everywhere.

Whistles Limited Edition Line Launches exclusively online at on the 28th of August and will be making it's first in-store appearance at the south molten street boutique on September the 6th, in order to coincide with 'Vogue's Fashion Night Out'.

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