Wednesday, 8 August 2012


Two days ago I reluctantly landed at Bristol airport after a two week holiday in Corfu, a breathtakingly stunning Greek island. We sunbathed, swam, took boat/day trips and spent many an evening sat in the local bars and restaurants that lined the harbour (which provided sparklers and fruit with all cocktails, funny bartenders, hideous and yet wonderful music, Greek dancing and karaoke-my best friend and I are guilty of singing Reach by Sclub 7 accompanied by the rest of the not-entirely-sober bar!). We were all a little on edge before the holiday considering the not-so-secret economic chaos Greek have got themselves into, but the euro held up and surprisingly most shop/stall owners and businesses were kind, helpful and put no uncomfortable pressure on us to buy their goods. In general, the Greek people were upbeat, kind and very friendly; noticeably more than the British in fact despite their economic state! I can't say the same for the Greek lady (with a top lip in need of a good waxing) who pushed bunches of flowers into our arms trying to force us to buy them, then proceeded to stroke my face and call me a 'sexy lady' but hey, it's an experience right? And we certainly laughed about it after!

England kindly greeted our return with temperatures 20° lower than that of Corfu and patches of rain since then! This wonderfully dull country has found me sinking right back in to my tweeting/texting habits which were honestly not missed at all in Greece (boohoo!) but admittedly it has been nice to see/speak to my friends and family again. I was also very happy to get my babies back and yes, when I say 'babies' I do mean my cats-don't judge me okay?
 Anyway enough of my rambling, I'll do the second half of this post in pictures; this is just a very small selection of about 400 photos taken while we were away but I thought these were the blog-appropriate ones! They may be a little small but if you click them they should appear in a larger form!
αντίο (That's goodbye in Greek, see if you can pronounce it!)

 The family home of the owners of 'Ferrari'/The villa owned by the Rothschild's where Johnny Depp had been staying four days before/ sex on the beach cocktail/ siesta-ing/ Corfu Town/ swimming in Corfu Town Harbour/ yummy food/ a sea urchin/ The view from the monastery we visited/ The kittens living at the monastery/ 'diving in' off the boat/ paleokastritsa x4/ Corfu Town street/ intense uno-ing/ high school musical/meditation style pool jumping!

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