Sunday, 8 July 2012


Today I Am Wearing:

As I woke up early this morning, I thought I'd spend some time looking into some of my favourite celebrities' style in the hope of gaining some inspiration. I looked at Alexa (of course!), keira Knightly, Olivia Palermo and Anne Hathaway; from that mix I gained inspiration for today's look! All these girls combine 'girly' and 'tomboy' to create daring and suitable-for-all outfits. So, I delved into my wardrobe (not literally you'll be pleased to know) to see what I possessed that could possibly create that sort of look too! I ended up going for my Superdry dress under my Topshop mohair crop (both quite girly) and then added a touch of 'tomboy' with the tights and shoes. Again my key necklace is more boyish than 'girly' and combined with my SUPER girly red herring bag I felt it achieved (if only a little) the look I was aiming for. 

The inspiration: 

Now I didn't just throw in a picture of my face for the fun of it, I actually put some effort into my hair/make up today so thought it should be included in the look! I went daring with a perfectly uneven pair of liner flicks, enhanced by my almost bare face. Hair wise, something messy was definitely needed to complete the look so I added a couple of twists and flicks with my straighteners then added some salt spray for a grungier look! Of course I'll never have my idols perfect style (or appearance for that matter!) but I certainly enjoyed getting inspired and trying out a new combination of my pieces!


Hola Bambi said...

Adorable xx

Hannah said...

Lovely outfit I adore your bag and your skirt!