Friday, 27 April 2012


Hello! Welcome to post number 9, which I feel inclined to tell you is pretty much just me rambling on about the past week, some purchases I made and a couple of new experiences I've had! 
Last weekend, my lovely mother dragged me out of my painfully comfortable bed and treated me to a day out in Bath, resulting in two new pairs of jeans and an unexpected lunch at 'The Pump Rooms'. I'd never been to The Pump Rooms before and didn't really know what to expect so was in shock when I realised it was one of the most elegant places I'd ever seen and had been on my doorstep for 16 years without me ever visiting! It's surrounded by the Roman Baths, and seemed to be bustling with tourists walking through admiring the historic portraits on the high walls and grand piano(with live musician in black-tie!) at the front of the open plan space, not to mention the giggling ladies enjoying what the menu describes as a 'champagne afternoon tea'. It's easy to see the attraction, it is after all known to have been popular with the likes of Jane Austen (who apparently enjoyed a wild night out at a ball or two). Surprisingly, most dishes on the lunch menu were reasonably priced, I enjoyed a cream of carrot and tomato something-or-other soup with baked bread and a cranberry and elderflower spritz totally guilt free! Oh, and I also thoroughly enjoyed counting the number of Barbour jackets present on the backs of chairs while I sat there in my baggy top and battered skinnies. (There were a lot!)

 As much as I love my 'battered skinnies' mentioned above, they haven't been fitting as well recently and have developed a (luckily not too obvious) hole in one of the belt loops. Therefore I was in need of another pair and didn't feel too bad about making mum fork out for one, and it was her who suggested it in the first place! However, getting two pairs felt greedy yet wonderful and I have fallen back in love with jeans, realising they don't have to just be a staple piece and that they can even be the statement piece of an outfit. Here are the two pairs I picked up from Topshop which I really really really adore:

As I came out of Topshop after buying these beauties, I was approached by two people from Hollister who asked if I was interested in going in for an interview with them! This was a very strange experience for me and was surprisingly awkward considering I had not even thought about getting a job at this point! Furthering that, I'd never been a fan of the brand, I always thought they seemed rather shallow and overpriced for what they offered. I decided not to take up the offer after serious consideration for a few reasons, however the store manager really sold the idea of working there and my opinion of the shop has definitely changed. So, if you're looking for a job maybe go in and ask if they have any vacancies because it sounded like a lot of fun!

Sadly, my lucky week took a not-so-lucky turn when my dad informed me that my uncle, who had been severely ill for a long time in hospital, would pass away within the next 72 hours. This horrible event means that on Monday I'll be attending my first funeral (so nervous!). The dress code for the day is simply 'no black' so my new yellow jeans seem absolutely perfect for it as it will be a celebration of my uncle's life, and there is no colour that radiates happiness quite like yellow! It's a true representation of how what people wear expresses a lot more than their fashion sense. It's really difficult to know how to express all the thoughts and feelings you have when someone passes away, but after a few days of getting used to the idea, writing this little paragraph seemed like a nice thing to do, simply to pay my respects and remember the guy. Rest in peace uncle Bill, you are missed.

Sorry to make things a little less up beat than usual on here! I will be returning shortly to share my current wish-list with you (it is ever-growing!) and share a little bit more of my life with you if anything interesting happens to pop up. And if my personal ramblings are far too annoying to deal with, please feel free to make suggestions on what you would like to see on this blog, they will be greatly appreciated!

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